Oban Oak Cupboard


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The new Oban Range, crafted with 2″ tops, from Canadian Red Oak is exclusive to GlenRoss and has been immediately admired, with the well proportioned cabinets and tables. The style is designed for today`s lifestyle and this Oban cupboard is ideal for storage of crockery or glassware. 
Large cabinet and deep shelving provide excellent storage. 
Crafted from Canadian Red Oak with a 47mm (2 inch) chunky oak top to the piece.  
Red Oak with solid wood back, plated brass swan-neck handles and dovetailed joints .
Canadian Red Oak produces a distinctive heavy dark grain pattern and is highly valued in furniture making.
High quality oak gives a honeycomb colour to this piece.
This item is a best seller for both dining room and also as a bathroom cabinet! 

Additional Information
Dimensions 70 x 40 x 100 cm